Website redesign for True Position Tools


True Position Tools is an online retailer of cabinet hardware jigs and other related tools.  They hired Dojo to design a refresh to their website’s homepage and product pages.  Dojo also helped True Position Tools by sharpening overall brand strategy and identity.

Website - Redesign

The website was redesigned not only for a cleaner aesthetic, but to make it easier for customers to navigate their website, understand their product, and purchase their tool on their website through WooCommerce.  Designed with user experience and information architecture best practices in mind, users can now learn about their product and make a purchase much more easily.

Product Page - Redesign

New Product Page

Brand Strategy

Dojo also developed a new, simpler naming scheme for their product line to help distinguish between products and ease the customer’s cognitive load when trying to decide which tool variation to buy.  After conducting user research, we found it was confusing for most people to differentiate between the different tool kits. Now, a simple hierarchy of “Original”, “Pro”, and “Max” allows customers to much more easily differentiate between product lines by using language familiar to most people.